learn to




focusing on the negative,

putting yourself down

+ letting your thoughts keep you stuck?

you can, when you grab this guide + implement my to simple tips to stop focusing on your negative thoughts + think more positively

Here's what you get inside this FREE positive thinking guide:

  • Practical examples of common negative thoughts

  • Positive thoughts you can replace them with starting TODAY

  • Finally know what to do when you have negative thoughts that won't go away

  • Learn how to question your thoughts to see if they are even valid

  • Journal prompts for reflection

meet alison

Hi! I'm Alison and I'm a Life coach, Enneagram Coach + former Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I've seen a LOT of people struggling with negative thoughts, but the first person I had to help change their thoughts was ME.

As a stay at home mom of 5, I was totally stuck in a negative mindset that stopped me from believing in myself enough to get back into the world, explore what matters to me, + make a difference.

Learning that that my thoughts aren't facts + I don't have to listen to them changed EVERYTHING, and now I want to teach you how.