Enneagram Workshops

host a workshop with your employees, small group, family, or friends + learn all about your personality + how it is impacting your relationships, work + life.


  • 2 hour interactive, multimedia workshop in your home or venue
  • Learn about the 9 Enneagram types--what motivates them, what they are afraid of, what they struggle with + how to grow.
  • Gain empathy + understanding about yourself + others
  • See with clarity WHY you get stuck in the same old patterns so you can begin to change
  • Grow in relationship with the other participants as you learn more about one another in this unique workshop experience

Price: $35 per person, 6 person minimum. fee is paid in advance

to book your workshop, email alison.speerbrecker@gmail.com

what they're saying...


What is the Enneagram?!

The Enneagram is a personality profile system (like DiSC, MBTI) that goes beyond describing your ACTIONS and instead focuses on your MOTIVATIONS. It answers the question, "why do I do what I do?" Turns out, there are 9 different ways of looking at the world, and each of the 9 Enneagram types has a different focus and set of core values that drive them (and get them into trouble). Understanding these values + how they differ from others is a game changer--it will improve your relationships, communication + turbocharge your personal development.

How will this help me?

During this presentation, you will uncover your Enneagram personality type, and learn about the types of those in attendance. You will finally understand how you get in your own way, and why some of your relationships seem so challenging at times. You will get a better understanding of your strengths as well as your weaknesses + learn techniques for moving forward + making change. Understanding the Enneagram types of those in attendance will help you improve your relationships, communication, conflict + work environment.

Do you have any more info?

You betcha! Download the Enneagram guide for your type here https://www.alisoncoaching.com/enneagrampatterns

meet alison

Hi! I'm Alison--Enneagram 4 (aka I search for significance by trying to prove I'm unique + special 😬), a life coach, social worker, artist + mom of 5.

I became a certified Enneagram coach after witnessing the profound transformation it created in my own life (a story I will tell at the workshop!) and I became passionate about helping others have their own transformation.